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Chilli Jam

Make any meal delicious with our chilli jams. Unique flavours you won't find anywhere else!

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1 Year Chilli Jam Subscription

£72.00- £182.00


Cherry Chilli Jam

Step into summer with this cherry chilli jam. Test batch = special price!

Out of stock

Original Chilli Jam

Our award-winning original recipe, making any meal delicious since 2020. Heat: 2/5


Black Garlic Chilli Jam

Award-winning chilli jam made with aged black garlic for a delicious balsamic umami bomb. Heat: 2/5



Blood Orange Chilli Marmalade

An award-winning thick-cut marmalade with a twist, combining juicy organic blood oranges with spicy birds eye chillies. Heat: 2/5


Blueberry & Habanero Chilli Jam

Sweet blueberries, zesty lime and searing habaneros in a delicious chilli jam. Heat: 4/5



Sundried Tomato Chilli Jam

Extra savoury chilli jam packed with organic sundried tomatoes. Great for BBQs! Heat: 2/5


Scotchujang Chilli Jam

A blend of scotch bonnets, gochujang and gochugaru - for those who want a bit more punch. Heat: 3/5



Wild Garlic Chilli Jam

Sharp, sweet, and spicy, with gentle overtones of wild garlic foraged in East Bristol. Heat: 2/5



Smoked Garlic Chilli Jam

Smoky, spicy and sweet, the perfect pairing to cheese and meat! Heat: 2/5


Salted Pineapple Chilli Jam

It's the taste of summer... charred pineapples perfectly balanced with salt and birds eye chillies. Great on a burger. Heat: 2/5



Mince Pie Chilli Jam

Rich and sweet, soaked in brandy for a decadent treat.

Out of stock


Spiced Redcurrant Chilli Jam

Tart and fruity with warming seasonal spices, spice up your Christmas with this unique twist on redcurrant jelly.

Out of stock


Pumpkin Spice Chilli Jam

Warming seasonal spices with a spooky kick. 🎃

Out of stock

Xmas special!

Cranberry & Habanero Chilli Jam

Fruity cranberries and searing habaneros in a delicious festive chilli jam. Heat: 4/5

Out of stock

Autumn Special!

Green Tomato Chilli Jam

Mild chilli jam made from rescued green tomatoes. Heat: 1/5

Out of stock


Mulled Cider Chilli Jam

Earthy cider and cinnamon sweet. This is all you want for Christmas.

Out of stock

Autumn special!

Malamango Chilli Jam

Make your next curry delicious with this unique tingly alternative to mango chutney. Heat: 3/5

Out of stock

Last chance!

Lemon Chilli Marmalade

A zingy blend of organic Spanish lemons and bird's eye chillies. Only 14 jars made! Heat: 2/5

Out of stock


Pink Ginger Chilli Jam

Tangy Japanese-style pickled ginger (gari) blended with pink peppercorns and chillies

Out of stock

Product image for Jam & Sauce Bundle

Jam & Sauce Bundle

Pick any sauce and any jam and get a sweeter price.


Favourites Trio

Our three most popular chilli jams in a handy gift box.


Autumn Trio

This season's chilli jams in a handy gift box.

Out of stock

Product image for Cheese Trio

Cheese Trio

A selection of our chilli jams that pair perfectly with cheese.


Product image for Heat Seeker Trio

Heat Seeker Trio

One for the heat seekers, our hotter chilli jams in a handy gift box.

Out of stock

Product image for Fruity Trio

Fruity Trio

Our fruitiest chilli jams in a handy gift box.


Product image for Build Your Own Trio

Build Your Own Trio

Your choice of three delicious chilli jams.


Product image for Jammy T-Shirt Bundle

Jammy T-Shirt Bundle

A delicious bundle of a t-shirt and three chilli jams.


Frequently asked

How spicy are your products?

Tolerance to chilli heat is very individual! Easton Chilli products are rated out of 5 on heat, trying to make a scale that works for regular people (i.e. people who don't have hot sauce on everything! :) )

  • 0/5 - No heat here. Possibly suitable for your newborn baby.
  • 1/5 - Just a hint. If you like your spice, you probably think this is nothing.
  • 2/5 - A bit of zing. Everyone should be able to enjoy this level of heat, whether you're a regular folk or a chilli fiend. Most of our products are aimed at this level.
  • 3/5 - It's heating up. Probably getting a little spicy for the regular folk now, definitely too spicy for a newborn baby.
  • 4/5 - Now we're talking! You might talk your pal into trying this once, but they might need a glass of milk, and they might not speak to you for a while.
  • 5/5 - Everything that's way too spicy for a regular person.

Here are some rough equivalences in heat.

  • Heinz Tomato Ketchup = Easton Chilli 0/5
  • Nando's Medium Peri Peri = Easton Chilli 2/5
  • That chilli sauce at your local kebab shop = probably Easton Chilli 3/5
  • Chilli Daddy's 4 = Easton Chilli 5/5

How does delivery work?

We offer a selection of delivery services depending on your location and order. Choose from them at the checkout.

  • Local delivery (Easton and nearby): FREE
  • Royal Mail 2nd Class (UK, NI, GG, JE, IM): £4
  • Orders weighing more than 2kg (5+ jars): £7.50
  • Orders valued £30 or more: FREE!

All orders should be with you within 3-5 working days from when you order (it might be a little longer than this sometimes, we'll be in touch if so).

Large orders (10+ jars) please get in touch so we can make special arrangements.

International orders are available depending on what the customs regulations are of your country. Please get in touch before you place your order to confirm whether we can ship to your country.

Where are your products made?

I started making everything in my home kitchen in Easton! This was great until Christmas 2023 when everyone wanted a jar of chilli jam, In January 2024 I started renting a professional kitchen over in Brislington to make all the products. At some point I hope to return production to Easton!

My t-shirts are printed by the lovely Live Ink Co, based in Bedminster in Bristol.

Sustainability etc?

Of course. Sustainability is important to Easton Chilli and it's considered in all parts of the business.


We try to reuse waste materials in our packaging, so if someone has delivered bubble wrap to us, or we have a perfectly sized Amazon box lying around, we might use them for your order. Better to reuse it than throw it away to landfill!

All new packaging that we source is plastic-free and recyclable, and we prefer to buy cardboard or recycled materials where possible. Sometimes we use corn-starch mailer bags.

Any waste cardboard that we can't use gets shredded and put into our compost heap, along with our waste vegetable scraps from jam cooking. The worms love this arrangement.


We try to source all our ingredients "loose" and prefer local and low-plastic companies.

We use preserving techniques like lacto-fermentation to extend the shelf life of some of our ingredients, for example we can buy in a few kg of bird's eye chillies and keep using them for months under the right conditions.

The old packaging of our jars is designed to be removed - it's just a bit of string and card. The idea is that you're more likely to reuse a jar if you don't have to spend ages washing off the sticker that's on it. Our new packaging is paper based and biodegradable - no plastic.

We currently use plastic tamper seals on our 150ml hot sauce bottles, and plastic lids; we are working towards using a compostable tamper seals but the lids will probably be plastic as long as we use this type of bottle.

Unfortunately due to UK Food Safety regulations, we are not allowed to re-use any glass destined to be a "packaged product" i.e. a jar of jam or a bottle of sauce that is sold to a consumer. We have to use new jars and lids for each product. If this weren't the case we'd love to have a closed-loop return and reuse system in place, and we'd be up for working with other producers to standardise on our packaging to make it more viable.


We've partnered with Zedify to deliver some of our packages in Bristol. Their fleet of electric cargo bikes means their deliveries within BS1-16 are low-carbon-emitting.

Delivery to the rest of the UK is done using Royal Mail and other couriers like APC and DPD, many of which are working to reduce their carbon emissions.