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Black Garlic Chilli Jam

Made with both black and white garlic, Black Garlic Chilli Jam is a delicious umami accompaniment to anything cheesy.

What's black garlic?

Black garlic is regular white garlic that's been aged in a warm, humid environment for several weeks. This process makes the garlic cloves shrink and turn black, developing a sweet and umami flavour - think balsamic vinegar, molasses, and dates. Wikipedia will tell you it originated in Korea, but it's traditionally used in various parts of East Asia and its exact origin is unknown.

It's touted to have several health benefits. I can't comment on those, but what I can say is that it tastes absolutely delicious - especially when prepared as Black Garlic Chilli Jam :)

How spicy is it?

Heat tolerance is very individual! Chilli fans rate its heat level at 2/5, and those with more delicate tastes rate it 3/5. A bit of zing anyone can enjoy!

Goes well with...

  • Delicious with cheese in all forms!
  • Also great as a drizzle onto a summer salad - anywhere you'd use balsamic glaze.
  • Try it as an alternative to brown sauce in a bacon sandwich


Cane sugar, charred capsicum peppers, blend of vinegars (malt, cider, balsamic), black garlic, garlic, natural pectin, birds' eye chillies.

Vegan ✅ Delicious ✅

This product is homemade, so while best effort is made to avoid contamination, this product may contain traces of common allergens like nuts, gluten and dairy.


190ml jar @ £5.50

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