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Scotchujang Chilli Jam

A little jar of addictive heat. Scotchujang Chilli Jam was made for those who like a bit of extra punch. Muy caliente!

New recipe for 2022!

How does it taste?

The goal with this jam was to take the flavour components of the Original recipe, and amp them up to 11. It's built around my favourite Korean ingredient gochujang (a fermented red pepper paste), transforming its unique flavour into this chilli jam.

The dark, delicious, complex, umami, and smoky flavour comes from the charred yellow peppers, gochujang, balsamic vinegar and smoked salt.

The sweetness comes from the gochugaru (Korean red pepper) flakes, the fruity scotch bonnets, and the raw cane sugar.

The spiciness is turned up with extra birds' eye chillies for a quick initial heat, gochujang for an earthy undertone, with scotch bonnets providing a longer simmering burn.

How spicy is it?

Scotchujang Chilli Jam is a little hotter than the rest of the range. Chilli fans would rate it 3/5. If you're into your spicy food, you'd probably rate this as a delicious everyday meal accompaniment: it won't burn your tongue off!

Goes well with...

Absolutely slaps in a BBQ situation. Put it in a burger, or try glazing your meats a minute or two before taking them off the grill.

Customers say...

"Loving it in sandwiches at the moment, it's great πŸ‘πŸ‘" - Josh from London


NEW RECIPE FOR 2022! (Batch 53+) Cane sugar, blend of vinegars (malt, cider, balsamic), charred peppers (capsicum, olive oil, smoked salt), gochujang, birds' eye chillies, scotch bonnet chillies, natural pectin, smoked salt.

OLD RECIPE - NO LONGER AVAILABLE (Batches 17 & 20) Cane sugar, blend of vinegars (malt, cider, balsamic), charred peppers (capsicum, olive oil, smoked salt), roasted garlic, gochujang, gochugaru, natural pectin, birds' eye chillies, scotch bonnet chillies, dark soy sauce, liquid smoke.

Vegan βœ… Delicious βœ…

This product is homemade, so while best effort is made to avoid contamination, this product may contain traces of common allergens like nuts, gluten and dairy.


190ml jar @ Β£5.50

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