What is chilli jam?

Spicy, sweet and perfectly jammy, chilli jam makes any meal delicious.

A great chilli jam has that perfect balance of sweet and heat, and a smooth spread that's not too runny, not too firm. Like any great condiment, you want it to bring its own flavour but not overpower anything else on your plate.

There are lots of different spicy condiments from around the world - "Chilli jam" is kind of a British version of several of them. Jam and marmalade making is a very British pastime so it's no surprise that it became a popular way to add a little heat to any dish!

Looking internationally, we reckon you can think of a chilli jam as a jammier Thai sweet chilli sauce (nam phrik or nam chim kai), a less spiced Indian chilli chutney, or a more complex American/ Caribbean pepper jelly.

When talking about chilli jam in the UK it would be cheeky not to mention Nando's, who we reckon were one of the main companies to popularise chilli jam in the early 2010s. Some big chilli jam brands have popped up over the years - Stokes, Tracklements, Single Variety Co to name just a few - and now there's Easton Chilli!

How do I use chilli jam?

Chilli jam is really versatile - you can use it pretty much anywhere you'd use a tomato ketchup, mango chutney, or a sandwich pickle.

We asked ChatGPT to write a limerick about how you can use chilli jam:

In a sandwich, the jam took its place,

Chilli's fire met bread with sweet grace.

With cheese it would pair,

On pizza, declare,

This limerick has flavors to embrace!

As a dip, it danced with delight,

Appetizers bathed in its spicy might.

On wings, it did marinade,

Grilled meats, a glaze it made,

Chilli jam brought taste buds to new heights!

Stir-fries swirled with the sauce so fine,

Salads dressed in a tangy, hot line.

Toast spread with its flair,

Burgers got a fiery share,

Chilli jam made every meal shine!

With cheese boards, it formed a duet,

As a condiment, sandwiches it met.

On pizza, it topped,

Oh, the flavors it hopped,

This limerick of chilli jam, you won't forget!

We think ChatGPT did pretty well, but if you're a limerick writer and you're worried about AI taking over, get in touch as we'd love a human-made version :)

Why buy Easton Chilli?

So there are many different chilli jams out there - why buy ours?

To start, we think all our chilli jams are delicious. We've won awards for Original Chilli Jam, Black Garlic Chilli Jam, and Blood Orange Chilli Marmalade and customers love our unique flavours like Salted Pineapple Chilli Jam, Wild Garlic Chilli Jam, and Scotchujang Chilli Jam.

We aim to make all of our flavours unique, so you won't often find a similar flavour profile for our products from other producers. Unlike many chilli jams, we don't use tomato, onion, garlic, or ginger as a base - instead we use charred bell peppers, which gives a deep rich sweetness and complexity to our jams while being a great springboard for the hero flavour of each product.

We also try to run the business as sustainably and transparently as possible - that includes things like using only recycled or reused packaging, sourcing products as locally or as fairly as possible, and regularly publishing financial reports. Also, for every jar of jam sold, we donate £1 to charity. Having this strong link between business interests and social causes is important to us - it means the better Easton Chilli does, the more we can give to charity.

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