Black Garlic Chilli Jam wins 3 Stars in Great Taste 2023!

Today, Black Garlic Chilli Jam was awarded THREE STARS in Great Taste 2023!

Great Taste is an annual competition run by The Guild of Fine Food, featuring entries from 110 different countries across the world, taking place over 90 days in Dorset and London. Over 500 food & drink professionals judge the products, including critics, chefs, recipe creators, buyers, retailers, journalists, broadcasters, and experts in the field. The judging follows a rigorous blind-tasting process which requires several judges to taste each product.

Black Garlic Chilli Jam was awarded three stars - the highest award in the competition given only to products judged to be "extraordinarily tasty"!

Here's some feedback from the Great Taste judges...

This is a sweet and caramelly jam with a satisfying heat – warm not harsh. There is lots going on here, but it's totally harmonious, sticky and very moreish. We couldn't stop tasting this; either it's the addictive nature of the chilli or this is plainly just too good.

This is incredibly well executed, and delivers such a length of flavour it took us far too long to judge. Excellent.

The balance of the flavours is brilliant; we could actually identify all the main components – and that is very cleverly executed. The chilli is nicely hot, but not burning; the peppers and cider and balsamic vinegar all add rounded rich fruity flavours; and the garlics, particularly the black garlic, add umami complexity. It's seriously clever and seriously good. One judge (a chilli fan) thinks it may be the best chilli jam they have had.

Along with all the other three star award winners, Black Garlic Chilli Jam will be considered for the Guild of Fine Food's regional Golden Fork awards - the results are announced at an award ceremony on 11 September 2023.

This win is a another really great achievement for Easton Chilli in 2023, coming only a few weeks after winning two Gold awards in the 2023 Taste of the West awards (one of which also for Black Garlic)!

If you were in any doubt of the deliciousness of this chilli jam - now's the time to admit that you might have to give it a try! :)

Black Garlic Chilli Jam is available from our online shop, on the DELLI app, and in all of our lovely stockists.

Extraordinarily Tasty

Black Garlic Chilli Jam

Award-winning chilli jam made with aged black garlic for a delicious balsamic umami bomb. Heat: 2/5


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