Black Garlic Chilli Jam: an award-winning taste

Black Garlic Chilli Jam was awarded a Silver rating in the National Chilli Awards 2023, run by the Clifton Chilli Club!

Easton Chilli is still a small business, so we're not able to enter all of our products into awards. So when we win one it means a lot!

Thanks to the judges! Here's their feedback:

Intense, glossy, black appearance with a rich and inviting aroma clearly stating the black garlic within. Darkly sweet (almost like molasses) with great texture. A little more depth of flavour would have been welcomed by some judges. Lovely finish and good set.

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UPDATE- Since writing this article Black Garlic Chilli jam has won a Gold award from Taste of the West!

The other winners in the Chilli Jams/Marmalades category were:

You can view the full list of award winners here.

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Black Garlic Chilli Jam

Award-winning chilli jam made with aged black garlic for a delicious balsamic umami bomb. Heat: 2/5


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