Autumn 2023: New Limited & Seasonal Chilli Jams

This autumn we've got not one, not two, but THREE special flavours of chilli jam for ya: the extra spicy Blueberry & Habanero, the mild Green Tomato, and the returning-spicier-than-ever Malamango. Only a certain number of jars will be made for each one, and when they're sold out you might not see them again for a while!

Read on for an intro to each one, then add them to your cart if you like the sound of them. If you grab all three you'll get a little discount as well!

One for the spice lovers... Blueberry & Habanero Chilli Jam

This unexpected combination was a request from a friend. The recipe went through a few rounds of taste testing with some dedicated Easton Chilli fans recruited through Instagram, and after a few tweaks we reckon we've nailed a great balance between the super sweet blueberries and the searing habanero heat! There's a bit of lime and salt in there to to round out the flavour.

Tasting notes: sweet, blueberries, habaneros.

Great with: PB&J, sausage butty, full English, drizzled over pizza

Heat rating: 🔥🔥🔥🔥 4/5

Blueberry & Habanero Chilli Jam

Sweet blueberries, zesty lime and searing habaneros in a delicious chilli jam. Heat: 4/5


A bit of something sweet... Green Tomato Chilli Jam

We didn't have a great summer for growing this year - lots of dry grey days and extremely hot days. There comes a time of year when you gotta call it and harvest what you got. Luckily even if you've got a load of green tomatoes, you can still eat em and make a delicious chilli jam! These green tomatoes were rescued from East-Bristol-based Sim's Hill Shared Harvest (they do veg boxes!) who grew them using organic methods. They're a little sour, with a touch of tomatoey flavour, and they've made a delicious mild and sweet chilli jam.

Tasting notes: sweet, gentle tomatoey flavour

Great with: any sandwich! Cheese sandwich with a bit of raw onion, or in a BLT with a bit of mayo.

Heat rating: 🔥 1/5

Autumn Special!

Green Tomato Chilli Jam

Mild chilli jam made from rescued green tomatoes. Heat: 1/5

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One for the taste explorers... Malamango Chilli Jam

It's back for 2023, and it's spicier than ever! The heat rating has been upped to 3/5 for an even spicier kick. If you're new to Malamango, this one combines chilli heat with tingly Sichuan peppercorns for that distinct Chinese-Sichuan "mala" taste. Paired with organic Spanish-grown mangoes sourced via CrowdFarming, this chilli jam is a unique twist on a mango chutney! The mango harvest in Spain this year was hit by extreme heat, so Malamango Chilli Jam is super limited this year - don't miss out!

Tasting notes: creamy sweet mango, tingly heat

Great with: a deluxe coronation chicken sandwich, roasting glaze for veg and meats, or best of all with a curry and a load of poppadoms.

Heat rating: 🔥🔥🔥 3/5

Autumn special!

Malamango Chilli Jam

Make your next curry delicious with this unique tingly alternative to mango chutney. Heat: 3/5

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Autumn Trio

This season's chilli jams in a handy gift box.

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